Your profile is the key to success

Through photo sessions and the use of a focus group we help you craft an online impression that attracts exactly the kind of women you want to meet.

We start by putting together our focus group consisting of women who match what you're looking for in terms of age, background, education, appearance, and personality type. The women will act as consultants throught the process of creating your profile(s).

The next step is making sure your style is working for you. We'll help you make the adjustments you need to make in order to look as attractive as possible.

We do photo sessions, and systematically experiment with facial expressions, angles, lighting and backgrounds; we usually take close to a thousand pictures before we're done. We aim for casual looking pictures that seem like they've been taken at some point during your day to day life.

Our focus group selects the very best pictures, based on one single criteria: Would you go on a date with this guy? When they're done, they get to review each others selections, and as a final step each woman will veto any picture she doesn't like.

They then review several suggestions for profile text, and we bring it all together, crafting a cohesive and attractive online persona that makes you stand out from your competition while remaining consistent with who you really are.

Meeting the right woman is the most important thing in life. It’s the one area where compromise should never be an option.

At Impressive Profile, we're all about creating the best possible tool for the most important job you will ever do; a tool that's working around the clock to get you dates, and that can continue to do so in a year, in three years or in five years from now. A task like that deserves to be taken seriously.

A tailor made impressive profile is not for everyone. It's a high class product for guys who want the very best. The price is currently $ 2472, but that also means very few people will have access to the advantage you will gain by getting one. Feel free to send an email stating who you are and what you're looking for if you want an evaluation as to what kinds of results will be realistic for you.

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What do former clients say?

H.S. says:

For an active guy like me, always busy, always traveling, with no time for going to clubs, signing up for an impressive profile has to be one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. I’m not a particularly photogenic person, and I’ve never had good photos of myself before. Now, however, I have an arsenal of Handsome pictures (that’s right, handsome with a capital H). It makes such a difference when talking to women online. I get to pick from the top shelf, and it’s an amazing feeling. Being on the “other side” is just so sweet: My profile makes the girls want to meet me, all I have to do is to be nice to them. They’re the ones trying to impress. On my second date, before I had time so say hello, the girl I was meeting asked me “Do we really have to grab that beer?”... and then we went to my place. This was a girl I had never met before, I had just exchanged 8-9 messages with her. She was attracted to me before she met me, through my profile text and pictures.

The weekend we spent creating my profile was great as well. The atmosphere has been good all the way, from the first meeting and planning session through the coaching after I got my profile, talking about my catch so far and getting advice on how to maintain momentum. I considered investing in an Impressive Profile for a long time, and so far I haven’t regretted doing so for a single second. Because that’s what it is, an investment. An investment in the future and in having an abundance of girls in your life. A reeeally good investment indeed!

M.H. says:

Well, I finally got around to summing things up. My profile has been active for about a month now. I haven’t uploaded it to more dating sites than the first one I tried. The reason is simply that the messages keep coming in. I can’t answer all of them and I certainly can’t go on dates with everyone, so I’ve started rejecting girls politely but directly. Some times I’ll say: "I get too many messages here and I have no chance too keep up with them all. I have to choose some of them, so I unfortunately decided to put yours away for now." The replies are often something like: "I understand why you’re so popular (I like your pictures:-)) Just ask if you want to know more about me:-)" Two new girls have messaged me while I was writing this email. It’s a hassle! And I have to admit there are a lot of attractive female profiles out there, not just boring ones. After I activated my profile messages from girls just keep coming. I don’t have to lift a finger. I’m almost disappointed if a day passes without me getting a new message. But then I typically get two the next day. Rejecting girls on dating sites? It’s a routine for me now. The feeling of abundance is amazing, I can feel it when I’m meeting girls in clubs as well. I could be dating 2 or 3 girls every week is I had the time. But you get picky. I have no problems getting replies from girls 20 years younger than me. And the replies are positive, not negative! I had tried online dating before, but this is a whole new world. It’s almost like entering a secret room on the dating site.

K.A. says:

After several unsuccessful attempts at online dating, I was convinced that it wasn't for me. The girls who were interested weren't at all what I was looking for, and it resulted in few and bad dates. Little did I know how wrongly I went about the whole thing! The book " Impressive Profile" by Sondre was a wake up call, and I made myself a profile that definetively led to better results! But convinced that there was still room for improvement, I finally went for the best of the best, the full profile tailoring. After a very informative weekend where we went through a lot of things, including fashion and how to communicate with girls, I had a profile on a whole new level, one that I never would have been able to make myself! Not only do I get responses from a higher number of girls, and from more attractive girls, but they are also far more willing to meet me in real life. In addition, there are many girls who contact me - there were nine just during the first day! It just goes to show that, much like with boot camp and coaching, Good Vibes offer striking quality in what they do. All in all, Profile Tailoring has changed my life, and I'd say it's a must for anyone who's serious about meeting high quality girls!

R.T. says:

People, there’s something I have to tell you. If you want more girls in your lives, just contact Good Vibes and get yourself a profile. It’s so worth the money. I’ve tried to have an abundance mentality for a long time, but I never really managed to because I never had real abundance. I’ve had my profile for a week now, and I’ve already gotten over 40 messages from girls. 33 girls have sent me “flirts” (marked my profile as “interesting”). It should be noted though that some of the girls that sent messages sent me flirts as well. If you ask my roomies they would tell you I’m a new man. I certainly feel like a new person. I can’t recommend it strongly enough<3

A.D. says:

When I came home from work on Monday after activating my profile on Sunday night I found that I had gotten over 5 messages from different girls. As I went through them a cute girl wanted to chat with me, so I accepted. We had good chemistry and after about 15 minutes we agreed to go on a date. On the date I followed the advice I’d been given, and it worked as advertised:) Later the same week several other girls contacted me – a couple of them were really pretty. BUT, as it turned out, I had already been on more dates with the girl from the chat, the one I met Monday, and we really like each other, so I can see it going towards something serious. In either case it feels very reassuring to have this solid profile in case things don’t work out. So once again, thanks for your help – you and the other guys in Good Vibes have delivered on all your products!

U.K. says:

I had basically given up on the idea that the internet is a good place to meet women. But I got 16 messages from girls in the first 24 hours after I activated my new profile. The whole thing suddenly become a lot more fun. The girls come to me now, and it’s a whole new experience. I should mention that the first girl who sent me a message was a girl I remember contacting before, a girl who didn’t bother answering back then! There is a lot of research and empirical studies behind what an impressive profile does. You get help creating a profile text that actually fit your personality. And with photos so that you look as handsome as possible. Hanging out with the guys from Good Vibes is very educating and fun. One of the highlights was getting feedback on my old profile text and pictures. I thought I had an understanding of how things worked, but it turned out to be a little revelation. Looking at my old text and pictures is downright embarrassing now. I had been working to crack the online dating code for myself. I had even hired a pro photographer (set me back $1300). Now I see how things should have been, and it seems so obvious. I struggle with managing all the ladies who are interested, though. There’s no free time in my calendar! It’s ten times easier to meet girls now that I have a good profile. The messages don’t seem to matter as much. I have lost a few girls, but they were very young. One of them told me straight up that she felt the difference in age (she was just 24) was too big. We sent a lot of messages to each other, but in the end she couldn’t allow herself to hook up with me.

R.J. says:

I’ve tried out the new profile for a few weeks now and I must say I’m very surprised with the results! I get a lot more mails/inquiries now, although the girls are still around my age + - a few years. So I started taking the initiative myself, sending a short mail (like “hey, how was your day”) to girls between 20 and 30, and I actually got some replies from girls who state in their profile that they’re not interested in meeting guys older than 30-35. I’ve tried that before, but back then I would never get any replies. I’ve also gotten a lot of positive feedback on my profile text and my images, and I never got that before! I really got my moneys worth:) Right now I’m corresponding with 6-8 attractive girls/women aged between 25-30. Unbelievable:)

D.T. says:

I’ve had my profile for over a month now and I’m very happy with what Good Vibes put together for me.

I get new messages every day, and I get replies from about 75% of the girls I contact. Also, I’m getting a lot of flirts and other stuff on the site. It’s definitely worth the money.

My only problem is finding the time to follow up on all the girls I meet. Some of them simply get lost in the crowd.

I give “Impessive profile” my strongest recommendations. For me, online dating has reached new heights.

I.C. says:

The advice and help I got from Good Vibes has given me a lot of opportunities with online dating. I cannot begin to describe how much the situation has changed. A huge thanks to Good Vibes! In my opinion an impressive profile was well worth the money. I give my best recommendations. With the help I got from Good Vibes I went from getting very little response to getting a lot of messages. It helped me build confidence and made me believe in myself.

P.H. says:

Before I got an Impressive Profile from Good Vibes I’d had a dating profile for about two years with varying results. I had tried a lot of profile texts, messaging strategies and pictures (I even got a female friend to help me with a photo session) without cracking the online dating code. I spend half the year on the road so it goes without saying that I don’t have much time for clubs, and online dating turned out to be the solution for me! You can meet girls no matter what country or time zone you’re in. Impressive Profile was exactly what I needed to take things to the next level. I meet a lot of girls, and some times it can be difficult to keep up with all the conversations! In addition to your profile text and optimal images you get all the theory you’ll ever need and great advice on style and clothes. If you want to increase the number of girls in your life quickly this is the product you should go for. We’re not talking abundance mentality, we’re talking abundance reality!

A.M. says:

High response rates within my age group, more than 50%. Lower with the younger girls, but still about 10-20%. All in all a very good profile and good response.

C.B. says:

I’ve had my profile from “Impressive Profile” online for about half a year, and I have to say I’m very satisfied. I don’t have problems getting 1-2 new dates a week, so for guys who have a busy schedule it’s the perfect solution. I consider my profile a very good investment, especially if you consider all the time you’d have to spend to get a similar amount of dates in other ways.

Also, “Impressive Profile” has been a very good source of information about what to do and what absolutely not to do when it comes to online dating. The course material is very educational and gives you a good overview of all the potential traps and unwritten rules that exist in online dating. “Impressive Profile” work great if you just want to meet girls online or as a supplement to going to clubs. Highly recommended!

B.N. says:

I’ve had the profile I got from impressive profile for 3 months now. I’ve only uploaded it to one dating site, and in this time I’ve been on dates with 7-8 different girls, some of them I’ve had several dates with. Pretty girls between 21-28 years old (I’m almost 30 myself). I’m sure I could have been on more dates, if I wanted to, but time has not sufficed. I still have contact with a few of the girls I’ve gone on dates with, and I have 2-3 new ones that I’m corresponding with. Also, I’ve arranged another date with a girl I’ve corresponded with, we’re going to meet the next time she comes to my city.

Impressive Profile has been a great help for me when it comes to online dating. My response rate is much higher than what I could get without this profile, much higher than in my previous experiences. Almost 300 girls have visited my profile, and less than half of them are girls that I had messaged. As part of the package you also get information about how to create attraction, how to chat with girls or communicate through texts or messages and how to ask girls out on a date. You get help improving your style and your clothes and how to look your best, both in pictures and on dates. You take a lot of pictures, and they spend a lot of time selecting the best ones, using a group of girls to identify them based on what they’d prefer to see. When the pictures are selected you supply information for the text and you set up all the other stuff that goes in your profile.

If you want the best possible starting point for meeting girls on the internet I would strongly recommend getting help from impressive profile!

B.O. says:

One year ago we created my "impressive profile"... now I've met a great girl, so I'm sending you guys some happy thoughts and my sincere gratitude... thank you so much, and have a great weekend:)